New Year, New You?

If only it were that simple, right? When the clock struck midnight jolting us into a New Year, wouldn’t it be nice if anything bad from the year past was just washed away? If everything were fresh and new… In some ways, that sounds lovely. In other ways, it sounds terrible. Because even though bad … [Read more…]

Teeny Tears for Infant Loss

In addition to sharing stories about infant loss, we feel it is equally important to spread awareness about resources to help grieving parents. One of the things that has helped me greatly in my healing is finding ways to support other grieving mothers. I am a part of the TTTS Support Group, Mommy to Mommy … [Read more…]

Those Amazing Moments

When we experience one of those amazing moments, we can’t let them pass us by. Even when we are sad. Even when life kicks us when we’re down. Even though today I remember the 2nd year anniversary of my daughter’s death, just two short days after my twins were born, I was still open to … [Read more…]


Kristi Bothur is one of our contributing authors to Sunshine After the Storm. Kristi had three miscarriages between her first and fifth children. She began a local grief support group in Columbia, SC that is called Naomi’s Circle. Originally designed to be a group for those with other small children or trying to conceive or … [Read more…]