World Prematurity Day 2013

World Prematurity Day Today we’ll be joining hundreds of thousands of people in making our voices heard about prematurity. If you’ve ever even had to spend ONE day in a NICU, you know it is not a fun place to be. Imagine spending 25 days there? Imagine EIGHT FOUR. That’s how long Tiny spent in … [Read more…]

What Might Have Been {Contributor Post}

This post is shared with us from AnnMarie Gubenko, otherwise known as The Queen of Chaos. It originally appeared on her blog the Queen of Chaos on April 7, 2013. Thank you so much AnnMarie for sharing this post and for contributing to our book Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving … [Read more…]

Gifts for Someone Who is Grieving

I’m sharing a post today from Jessica, one of our contributors to the book and blogger at Four Plus an Angel. This is such great advice, especially if you are struggling to know what to do for a grieving parent, or if you are looking for a special gift for this holiday season. Gifts for … [Read more…]