Blog Tour Stop #7 {Sara Silva of Content In the Meantime}

Today Sara Silva from the lovely blog Content in the Meantime is the next stop on the blog tour. She also gives Sunshine After the Storm a great big THUMBS UP!

Sara says:

I have not experienced the loss of a child firsthand, but I recall my mother having two miscarriages. Many of my friends have been going through pregnancy and birth the past couple of years, and I’ve been learning more and more about the joys and the struggles of carrying and conceiving a child. Just the thought of carrying a baby inside and going through the delivery amazes me.

Please visit her at Content in the Meantime to read her review and thoughts on our book.

Thank you Sara for helping us share the message and get the word out about this book, a valuable resource to grieving parents and to those trying to help them!Help us support Grieving Mothers with our book:

Writing Through Grief

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