Healing Retreat for Grieving Mamas

Healing Retreat for Grieving Mothers Losing a child, no matter what age they were, how long you carried, or how many or how few memories you have made, is truly one of the WORST experiences a parent can ever face. Never being able to carry out this dream is also heartbreaking.  Our Healing Retreat for … [Read more…]

Writing to Heal – Share Your Story

Sometimes the BEST thing we can do to help ourselves heal from pain, loss, disappointment, and anger is to just write it out. That’s how my entire career in blogging, freelance writing, and eventually publishing began. Would you like to share your story or contribute a piece about grief, loss, recovery, healing, or any related … [Read more…]

World #TTTS Awareness Day

I’ve got a lot of sentiments and emotions about this. I’m feeling guilty that I haven’t been advocating as hard or frequently lately for TTTS awareness. It is the primary reason, after all, that I started this blog. That, and to survive the grief of losing one of our daughters because of Twin to Twin … [Read more…]

Healthy and UNhealthy grieving

unhealthy grieving

I think about this a lot. How self-destructive grief can become, if it is allowed to be. How we can quickly become trapped in a cycle of unhealthy grieving. All of us will do some things that may be considered unhealthy as we grieve. That’s not abnormal. It’s only when we allow it to get … [Read more…]

October 15th Wave of Light

Today, October 15th,  we remember all those babies lost too soon. 7pm, wherever you are, please light a candle.   In honor of October 15th, both books, Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother, AND Grieving Parents: Surviving Loss as a Couple are FREE for Kindle.