1. LR

    So sorry for your loss. Many years ago, my own daughter was stillborn and my son grieved with us — I have to say it made him a better man for going through that experience (he was only 7) – when my subsequent son was born I was overjoyed that he was breathing & alive! I was not as concerned with his emotional response to being ‘the subsequent’ as I should have been. They are happily well adjusted (as can be expected) young men who have dealt with their loss in very different ways. My oldest, will be 29 & plans to include a picture of his stillborn sister at his upcoming wedding. My younger son honored the sister who came before him by getting a life sized tattoo version of her on his back…because his stillborn sister ‘ is always with him, and always has his back’. We all find our way to incorporate our loss in our lives…think of it as a tapestry woven from many different threads. May you be blessed on your journey….

    • katbiggie

      Thank you for your sweet words. It is interesting how they take the loss with them, regardless of birth order. You have a very healthy outlook!

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