1. Sheila

    Thank you Starr for the beautiful words and for
    loving my son. I love him and miss him so much. My symbol of Nate is a yellow butterfly.

    • Starr Bryson

      Sheila! How on Earth did I miss your comment? Thank you so much for reading my words about Nate. He meant the world to so many of us and I still feel his loss every day. I always think about him when I see yellow butterflies. Always.


  2. My third child, second son, (Franklin) was my loss….no, our loss. I wanted my son so badly. Like my brothers, Franklin & my son Vincent were only eleven months apart (Irish twins) which I always wanted. It rocked me to the core. My two children Ginger & Vincent & their Nana celebrate his birthday (due date) October 31, every year since the loss, with a cupcake; and each sending him a love you & miss you wish. I was only able to join them in the celebration these last few years. I’m so, so sorry for your loss, Lizzi!! What you’ve done with your loss of Jesse is positive and will help others who have suffered this kind of pain! I’ve just purchased my copy of your book & can’t wait to read it. I will then be sure, to pass it along to anyone else who can use this message. xoxo <3 Sharing now 😉

    • katbiggie

      Thank you so very much for purchasing the book and for sharing it. We certainly hope that it brought you comfort. xoxo

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