Healing Retreat for Grieving Mothers

We’re going VIRTUAL!

Healing Retreat for Grieving Mothers

Losing a child, no matter what age they were, how long you carried, or how many or how few memories you have made, is truly one of the WORST experiences a parent can ever face. Never being able to carry out this dream is also heartbreaking. 

Our Healing Retreat for Grieving Mothers is the answer to helping you open yourself to healing, loving yourself again (or more), and escaping the pain that is burdening you.

This does not mean you’ll forget your child! This means, we’ll help you allow yourself to experience healing and love.

It WILL change your life.

You, mama, you deserve to be pampered.

Often women try to pick up, move on, and carry on, say they are fine, refuse help, try to do it all… when really, what they need more than anything in the world is to be taken care of.

Because when your heart is bleeding, it’s so hard to care for the others in your life who still need you.

Because so many times when a mother loses a baby – she blames herself. Especially with miscarriage, the tendency is to blame our bodies. But even with older children – mothers often take on the burden and blame themselves.

Even if there is no blame, there is still a tremendous burden, as you can expect.

This is normally an all-inclusive weekend for grieving mothers and intended to help release the burden by providing a beautiful environment and program to spoil them, love on them, help them learn self-love practices, and give back to them the gift that I have received through similar programs.

While we won’t be able to meet physically in person this year, we’re going to gather together virtually, where we’ll still be able to do self-love and healing workshops, Reiki and yogagrief healing and meditation, and more.

Do not be scared if any of these things are new to you or feel intimidating. Everything will be done with love and compassion and to your level of comfort.

Our Reiki and Yoga healer is Debi Baldwin who is trained specifically with working with people with PTSD. She’s also a personal friend and I served with her in the military.

We’ll still have a personal chef who is going to craft up some recipes for you to follow for the retreat, if you’d like.

We’ll have a soundbath, Yoga nidra, a session on Malas, and some other workshops to help you heal.

Other sessions include Writing to Heal and more.

Keep reading down below for a section on our special Presenters.

Who Should Attend?

This is potentially for you if you have lost a child at any age, lost a pregnancy at any stage, suffered from infertility – and need to be loved and spoiled and cared for even just a weekend. Your loss may have been 6 weeks ago or 26 years ago… if you feel you still need some emotional support, we want to be here for you. As we know, there is no timeline on the grief we carry from childloss.

So mark your calendars.

Key Info:

June 11 – 13th, 2020, ONLINE!

We will kick things off in the evening of the 11th and have two days of sessions planned out the 12th and 13th.

All of the sessions will be held via Zoom or in a private Facebook group. Everything will be recorded and you’ll have access to all recordings so you can watch over and over. This will be especially nice for the meditations and yoga nidra, sound bath, which you can listen to daily to bring you calm, should you choose.

Register for the Retreat BEFORE June 5 to ensure you receive your RETREAT IN A BOX prior to the beginning.

We are LIMITED to 20 spots.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Be Spoiled… even if from afar.

It will be glorious. Healing. Wonderful.

This is a weekend to learn tools and coping mechanisms and refresh our spirits. I understand the exhaustion. We’ll be taking care of ourselves and each other all weekend to fill each other up. It will be a life-changing weekend, even if it is virtual.

Retreat activities:

  • Yoga workshops
  • Guided meditation
  • Reiki Healing session
  • Self-love activities and rituals
  • Remembering rituals
  • Writing workshop
  • Affirmation workshop
  • Special guest speakers and session leaders


  1. What is the agenda of the event?

We are putting all of the details together now, but the plan is to have a mixture of soul healing sessions with physical and emotional healing sessions. Both days will include sessions on meditation, and you can participate in as much or as little as you’d like.

Right now, the general schedule will look like this: Times are in EST.

Thursday June 11th – Meet and Greet on Zoom – (evening)/ Remembrance Ceremony

Friday June 12th & Saturday June 13th – 9:00 – 11:00 am – Zoom room. Yoga at 9, followed by several workshops.

11am – 1pm – Break for lunch / rest

1:00pm – 4:00 pm – workshops / meditation / etc

4:00 – 9:00 pm – Break / Plus Reiki sessions individually with Debi

9:00pm EST – Deep Relaxation / Yoga nidra

The specific schedule will be released closer to the event, but you can plan on these general timeframes.

If you cannot attend the entire block or entire sessions – you will be able to come in and out as you please AND everything will be recorded and loaded into the learning center for you to watch On Demand, so you never have to worry about missing content.

So far we have sessions on: Writing to Heal; How to Calm Down Your Anxiety; Yoga, Meditation, Sound Bath, Deep Relaxation, Heart Activation Mala Meditation, Reiki, How to Take Baby Steps toward Healing, and some cooking for health with professional chef Nichole Cancellare.

3. What’s included?

All sessions AND the recording of the sessions which you’ll be able to watch whenever you want and REWATCH – which is one benefit you don’t get from attending live.

A team of women to love on you through the event. A personalized yoga instructor, several meditation specialists and reiki healers, and other specialists to bring as much healing and love to you as possible.

A “retreat in a box” care package with all of the items you need for the workshops, plus some special gifts to bring you comfort.

4. What is the cancelation policy?

Cancellation policy: Unfortunately, because we’ll be ordering items and shipping your retreat in a box as quickly as possible after registration, there will be no refunds for cancellations.

Register for the Retreat BEFORE June 5 to ensure you receive your RETREAT IN A BOX prior to the beginning.

We are LIMITED to 20 spots.

Who is Guiding All of This?

Here is your all-star team making this event possible!

Alexa Bigwarfe

Alexa Bigwarfe is a wife, mother of three plus an angel, Kathryn. She is an author and advocate for maternal and children’s health topics. She edited and published a book for grieving mothers entitled Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother with contributions from more than 30 grieving mothers (and fathers) to cover the wide spectrum of pregnancy, infant, and child loss. Later she founded a nonprofit, Sunshine After the Storm, to support grieving parents. She writes about grief, loss, life after loss, TTTS, and children’s health topics on her blog, No Holding Back (katbiggie.com). Alexa started this site as an outlet for her grief after the loss of one of her twin daughters to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) in December 2011. Certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist in 2019, Alexa enjoys helping others navigate through their grief and find healing.

Debi Baldwin

Debi Baldwin is a retired Air Force veteran who settled in Louisville, Kentucky, where she attended college graduating from the University of Louisville in 2014 with a BS in Sociology with a focus on Social Change and a minor in Pan-African Studies. Since then, she acquired her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification as well as becoming a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. Debi is married to fellow veteran Tony Johnson and the parent of one adult son. She is now dedicated to providing healing yoga and Reiki to women who have experienced trauma.

Nichole Cancellare

Nichole is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a mother of 3 children, and recently finished her culinary training. She loves to help women find healing through clean and healthy foods.

Linda Penkala

Linda teaches women how to reduce anxiety and bring the calm back into their life again. Linda’s book ~ The Pause to Relax Ladies, For Robust Heart Health was inspired after she experienced a medical moment years ago with A Fib, forcing her to peek into the lens of her own life in regard to stress and lifestyle choices. As she dug deeper in reading and researching, she found heart disease is the #1 killer of women, as we surpassed men back in the 80’s. Anxiety, stress, and even grief can greatly increase the likelihood of heart disease. Linda uses essential oils and other tactics to bring more calm and help women Pause to Relax.

Shalini Breault

Shalini is a heart activator, visionary and the embodied messenger of truth. Her deepest desire for you is to be your own authority by reclaiming your heart’s blueprint; returning to your divine heart; and remembering who you are in truth! Shalini grew up in New York where she obtained a BBA in International Business as well as an MBA in Finance. Shalini served in Corporate America for many years but the Universe had other plans for her. Her path took her to New Jersey where she stepped into the path designed and waiting for her…to become a Spiritual Teacher and Guide. Shalini is an advocate for truth through self-mastery. Shalini’s deep desire is for everyone to return to their sacred heart. She continuously SHOWS UP fully to follow the path that is being laid out for her. She shares through her work how to return pieces of your heart to embody wholeness. This is all possible with breath…Your Breath is Your Super Power! She has given herself the title of being a ‘heart activator.’ When you work with her at any capacity, she will always strive to get you closer to your heart – the part of your heart that is sacred, divine, authentic, pure, and true. Shalini will teach you how to be in equilibrium with your heart and mind as we need the mind and heart to work in partnership in order for us to experience growth. Shalini shows up and serves as an author, yoga and meditation guide, reiki master, sound healer and speaker.

Crystal Webster

Crystal Webster is the founder and Chief Solace Officer of Sharing Solace — and most importantly, she is Maddie’s mama. While her story of infant loss and infertility is not unique; she still found herself lonely and debilitated from the grief. So she felt compelled — with the help of her angel daughter — to found Sharing Solace in the hope that her adventures in loss, grief, and mourning would encourage others to share their stories, no matter what their grief. Sharing Solace is, ultimately, a community of grievers for grievers. By melding {patented} tangible loss and bereavement gifts that are intended to be passed forward when the time is right with a community of support, our mission is to help you “Remember. You’re not alone.”

Michelle Cornish

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