Losing a child, no matter what age they were, how long you carried, or how many or how few memories you have made, is truly one of the WORST experiences a parent can ever face. Never being able to carry out this dream is also heartbreaking. 

Our Healing Retreat for Grieving Mothers is the answer to helping you open yourself to healing, loving yourself again (or more), and escaping the pain that is burdening you.

This does not mean you’ll forget your child! This means, we’ll help you allow yourself to experience healing and love.

It WILL change your life.

You, mama, you deserve to be pampered.

Often women try to pick up, move on, and carry on, say they are fine, refuse help, try to do it all… when really, what they need more than anything in the world is to be taken care of.

Because when your heart is bleeding, it’s so hard to care for the others in your life who still need you.

Because so many times when a mother loses a baby – she blames herself. Especially with miscarriage, the tendency is to blame our bodies. But even with older children – mothers often take on the burden and blame themselves.

Even if there is no blame, there is still a tremendous burden, as you can expect.

This all-inclusive weekend for grieving mothers is intended to help release the burden by providing a beautiful environment and program to spoil them, love on them, help them learn self-love practices, and give back to them the gift that I have received through similar programs.

We’ll have Reiki and yoga (on the beach if you’d like), massages, self-love sessions, grief healing and meditation, and more. Do not be scared if any of these things are new to you or feel intimidating. Everything will be done with love and compassion and to your level of comfort.

Our Reiki and Yoga healer is Debi Baldwin who is trained specifically with working with people with PTSD. She’s also a personal friend and I served with her in the military.

Our self-love guide is Hayley Hunter Hines, founder of Soul Sparkle, a mission that allows her to fill her greatest joy of crafting and curating magical, moving experiences for women that bottle up and light on fire all things that bring you back to your own soul and the sparkle within. One session with Hayley changed my life.

We’ll have a personal chef to craft amazing dinners.

Other sessions include Writing to Heal and more.

Who Should Attend?

This is potentially for you if you have lost a child at any age, lost a pregnancy at any stage, suffered from infertility – and need to be loved and spoiled and cared for even just a weekend. Your loss may have been 6 weeks ago or 26 years ago… if you feel you still need some emotional support, we want to be here for you. As we know, there is no timeline on the grief we carry from childloss.

So mark your calendars.

Key Info:

May 2nd – 5th, 2019, Charleston, SC.

If you are interested in joining us or know someone who might, we are limited to 10 spots.

The retreat begins Thursday evening and closes Sunday morning.

The cost is $1497 per attendee and includes everything – all food, beverages, materials, and sessions – including yoga, Reiki, massage therapy, and more.

We have the following options:
1 – pay in full
2 – two payments of $750 (must be paid in full by April 15th)
3 – 3 payments of $500 (must be paid in full by April 15th)
4 – if you start immediately, you can make 4 monthly payments of $375 (must be paid in full by April 15th)

It’s going to be a weekend that will certainly help you heal and feel loved.

Once you arrive on Thursday night you’ll be taken care of until you depart on Sunday.

It will be glorious. Healing. Wonderful.

Sign up NOW for the Early Bird Pricing!

If you’re able to sign up before February 1st, you’ll enjoy special early bird pricing as follows:

We have the following options:
1 – pay in full
2 – two payments of $600
3 – 3 payments of $400
4 – 4 monthly payments of $300
5 – 5 monthly payments of $240

This option will go away Feb. 1st.



This will be our view:


Want to join us?

We have payment plans available!

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  1. What is the agenda of the event?

We are putting all of the details together now, but the plan is to have a mixture of soul healing sessions with physical and emotional healing sessions. The day will be planned out from breakfast to evening meditation, and you can participate in as much or as little as you’d like. We will get up on Friday and have breakfast together, followed by a meditation, yoga on the beach, a grief healing/meditation session, lunch, walk on the beach, and the afternoon will be more healing sessions mixed in with activities like Reiki healing sessions, and so forth.

Saturday will be similar but we’ll have a self-love healing session in the morning. In the evenings we’ll have catered dinners and special speakers during the meal.

You will be able to find quiet time to absorb or decompress if you need it.

2. Can you tell me about where we’re staying? Is it a hotel or retreat?

Great question! We’ve rented a private beach house just across the street from the ocean. The image above is an actual picture from the balcony of the place we’ll stay. We decided to do it this way so that the attendees can bond better and really spend some time getting to know each other, share, and support each other. We will be sharing rooms, but we’ll have places where you can get away for private time if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

3. What’s included?

Once you arrive on Thursday evening, you won’t have to worry about anything else until you depart Sunday morning. All food, materials, and sessions are included in this incredible experience.

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