International Bereaved Mother’s Day … Comfortably Numb

Mamas who have lost a child – today is our day to think of you and remember you. International Bereaved Mother’s Day.

I wrote a piece entitled Comfortably Numb on my personal blog. I invite you to read it if you’d like.

Is there anybody in there?

Sometimes I wonder myself.

Every time I hear the song “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd, it puts me in a trance. My mind wanders off to a time when life was simpler. A warm spring Sunday in college, when my boyfriend and I lounged lazily on the couch and absorbed the bizarreness that is “The Wall” by Pink Floyd. I don’t have to drink or do drugs to be lulled into a state of bliss by this music. It’s psychedelic on it’s own accord.

Maybe because in my mind, I find myself back on that day. I can still feel the warm breeze that flapped the curtains in the small rental house. I still remember the sensation of being content snuggled up on that soft couch. Completely relaxed.

No responsibilities, no real struggles, no understanding of pain and loss.

We weren’t thinking about families, babies, life.

We weren’t thinking about saying goodbye to a precious child.

Our thoughts revolved around that day only. Simplicity.

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