1. Thanks Alexa. I plan to write my own reflection on this incident…it’s so hard to put all that it made me feel into words ..or rather to separate my own history with this person from how she made me feel at this time.
    Thankfully I am blessed with amazing friends online who do get it and those in my ‘real world’ who don’t need to ‘get it’ to shower me with love and support.
    Thanks again!

    • katbiggie

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. I have seen this happening to a number of people, and felt it in my own life. I felt it was time to speak up!

  2. Jen

    I think YOU ROCK! I agree with this! I think pain is hard. As crazy as this is, people hate to see others in pain. So instead of embracing those that are bleeding with an open wound of a lost child, they share too much. Ugh. And think they may know what to suggest. Instead of suggestions, a willing ear to listen to how beautiful my child was is better. My living children love to talk about Blake too. So if I stopped, it would pain them more.
    Thanks for this post!
    Much love, Jen

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