Providing Care Packages to Grieving Mothers

Would you like to help us provide this book and other comfort items to grieving mothers?

We have set up a donation page that will go towards buying and distributing books in care packages that are sent or delivered by various organizations.

For example, our contributor Christina organizes the TTTS Support team, which matches volunteers up with a mother who has recently lost one or both twins to TTTS and they send them a package full of items to bring them some joy.

Rachel and Sarah H, two of our other contributors, established the “Mommy to Mommy” organization. They make Brie Bags and Evan Bears and fill the bags with special items to deliver to the hospitals to give to grieving mothers.


If you are in NEED of a care package (for yourself, or someone you know) please fill out the form here. 

Thank you so very much for your generosity.

Blessings and Peace,
Alexa B.Help us support Grieving Mothers with our book:

Writing Through Grief

A Free Five Day Challenge To Help You Heal Through Writing

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  1. Jamie Maxwell

    I ordered a care package for a friend, but just realized that I didn’t provide the correct address. Is there a way I can update it. I haven’t reccieved my email confirmation yet.

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