Schedule for the 2020 Virtual Healing Retreat

It’s my pleasure to announce the following schedule, still subject to changes, but this is the main flow.

2020 Virtual Retreat Schedule of Events

Purpose of the retreat. The grief of losing a pregnancy, infant, or child produces long-term affects on our minds, bodies, and souls. Stress is known to negatively impact the body. Grieving mothers will often experience intense mind fog or difficulty concentrating, physical pains, depression, weight gain, inability to sleep, and many other symptoms that wreak havoc on our health. Often they have other children or family members to care for, and their own self-care becomes a very low priority in the order of surviving the day.
My intent is to provide a weekend that showers these mamas with love and light, healing energy, encouragement, and helpful resources and tools to move forward in their healing. If they are not ready to move forward, at least they will have a weekend of incredibly loving energy bestowed upon them, and tools for when they ARE ready.
Yoga is an incredible tool for helping the body counteract the intense negative impacts on the body of stress. The goal of the yoga, meditation, Reiki, and energy healing through soundbaths and deep relaxation sessions is to help the body relax, the mind release for a time, and bring some level of physical and emotional healing.
Crystals, essential oils, sound vibrations, meditations, mudras, writing, journaling, and other activities included throughout the weekend are known for their calming and relaxing effects.
Thank you for being a part of this.
We begin with a time to learn about each other on Thursday night and set our intentions for the weekend of opening up to new things, allowing ourselves to focus on our own health and self-love, and the love that will poured into them over the weekend.

Thursday June 11th – 7pm EST –

Meet and greet; sharing circle
8pm EST – Candlelight Memory Service
Intention for the weekend – what to expect, how to set an intention
8:15 – deep relaxation through sound bath with Sneha

Friday June 11th –

9am EST – Welcome; plan for the day
9:15 – Yoga & meditation with Debi
9:45 break
10:00 – A Hug from Heaven – guest reading and visit from Author Anna Whiston-Donaldson
10:30 – Healing the Butterfly; a basic introduction to affirmations, meditation, and energy healing techniques for self-calming
11:00 – 1pm – lunch break
1:00pm – Writing to Heal & Reduce anxiety – Alexa Bigwarfe
1:30pm Crystal Webber – Baby Steps to Healing
2:00 – Journaling exercise
2:15 break
2:30 – Mala workshop – Heart Activation Mala Meditation, – Shalini Breault (the purpose of a mala, the properties of the gemstones used and then lead them through a 108 meditation so they know how to use them)
3:00 – Craft / open time for visiting with each other
4-9pm Break for dinner
4-5:30 – Reiki with Debi – sign up for your 15 min slot (3 available Fri, 3 on Saturday)
9pm EST – Yoga Nidra with Debi

Saturday June 12th–

9am EST – Welcome; plan for the day
9:15 – Yoga & meditation with Debi
9:45 break
10:00 am EST – Sam – talking to your children about fears
10:30 am – how to write your own story
11:00EST – 1pm EST – Break for lunch
1:00 – intro to afternoon sessions
1:05 pm EST – Hope in the Midst: Essential Oils to Reduce Anxiety After Loss – Linda Penkala
1:45 – break
2:00 – Importance of self-care & finding meaningful ways to bring joy
2:30 – Food for health – chef Nichole Cancellare
3:00 – Let’s get Woo! Opening your heart.
3:45 pm – Closing remarks
4-9pm Break for dinner
4-5:30 – Reiki with Debi – sign up for your 15 min slot (3 available Fri, 3 on Saturday)
9pm EST – Deep Relaxation with Shalini

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