I am happy to report that in our five day free period we were able to give away over 7300 copies of Sunshine After the Storm! If you received a copy and would be so kind as to post a review on Amazon or Goodreads, that would help us maintain visibility.

We have so many plans of things that we want to do now that the book is published. First, Groups and Forums have been created so that we may interact and engage with other grieving parents and also with friends and family who want to help us.


To gain access, you must register on the site. There should be a Register option in the top left corner if you are displaying the WordPress bar, or you can click on the Register Tab. Some groups are private and your membership will have to be approved. Others are open to anyone to participate in the discussion.

We’d love your feedback as to how to best serve the needs of grieving mothers, fathers, and those trying to help them, so please feel free to comment with things you would like to see or would find useful.

Peace to you.


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